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Online Course for Working Professionals

It is never too late to pursue higher education. Even when you have career and family responsibilities. In fact, it is common to enrol online course for working professionals in...
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Specializations in MBA

An MBA degree opens up a world of opportunities enhancing one’s career in the field of business management. Earning an MBA degree in your desired field will give you a...
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Fast Track Degree in UAE

It is common for Working Professionals to enrol for part-time fast track degree courses in UAE – Oman –  Kuwait and Bahrain. It is never too late to pursue higher...

Benefits of Distance Education in UAE

What Is Distance Education? Distance education describes any learning that happens without the students being physically present in the lesson. Historically, this described correspondence courses, in which students would communicate...

Why Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Holding an MBA or an EMBA give students a solid understanding of business, as well as the critical, analytical and strategic thinking skills necessary to hold management and leadership positions....